Move it up with PowrLadder
50th anniversay

Safer & Easier Roofing Deliveries

American made Powr Ladders have been moving materials since 1963.
It's the least expensive, industrial duty, Roofing Conveyer on the Market.

Keep your workers on the job and OSHA at home.

Stand Alone Unit

Helping to rebuild communities since 1963


        Durable, Industrial, Patented Design



        Felt Rolls


Improve Safety and Efficiency!

- 9 Bundles a Minute!

- The only continuous loop system available

- Keeps Workers from Carrying Materials up Ladders (an OSHA Law)

- Portable or Truck Mounted

- Replaces Expensive Boom Trucks

- Lightweight Construction

- Durable, Industrial Design

- Patented Design


Truck Hoist



Powr Ladder Boom


Put it where you want it!

- Operates where Boom Trucks are Restricted

- Position Elevator Anywhere

- Lift Elevator Vertically

- Swing 360 Degrees

- Convert any Flat Bed into a Boom Truck

- Easily Removed from Truck

- No special hydraulic hookups required



"My guys really needed help, but I just couldn’t justify the cost of a boom truck with this economy."

Phil - Montana yard manager